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PR Officers improve the mood of your sponsors, simply so that they give you more money.

This table illustrates approximately how many PR guys you should have according to how many members you have:

  • 1 PR: 487 members
  • 2 PR: 603 members
  • 3 PR: 750 members
  • 4 PR: 943 members
  • 5 PR: 1205 members
  • 6 PR: 1584 members
  • 7 PR: 2179 members
  • 8 PR: 3250 members
  • 9 PR: 5750 members
  • 10 PR: 18251 members
And here is a nice formula for it:
i=0.08*(150+20n-n^2)*(m + 500)-1

i = income from sponsor
n = number of PR guys
m = members

Jargon's PR-Helper: PR-Helper.xls (26kb)
This spreadsheet can help you maximise you profit from Sponsors' Income. Simply enter the number of members you had at the last update, and this will tell you the number of PRs you should have. The spreadsheet only currently works for ecstatic sponsors' confidence.

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